Kayra Jewellery and most comprehensive product range in order to deliver you the highest quality products as negotiated with many manufacturers is working. All of our vendors, and you are from the industry's leading manufacturers are striving to provide the highest quality products. I work with companies that do not meet our quality standards, we note that as a service to ourselves not to adopt. Our understanding of service and quality inherently second-hand sales, we do not.

Warranty Conditions



Kayra jewellery all products are under guarantee problems that may occur in fabrication.

User or user errors that occur from a product defect covered by this warranty.

All products out of warranty left:

Physical damage. (Getting hit, bending, twisting, breakout)

Resulting from different environments. (Contact with fire, contact with chemicals, etc.)

Resulting from misuse.Any scratch damage.

All products that may occur in fabrication issues:All products doesn't have the specified properties.

Part or all of a manufacturing fault on the product.The product be found error all or a portion of the polishing



Secure Shopping


Data Transfer


Kayra Jewellery that complement each other in order to protect the private information of our customers we have implemented many security measures. These measures starting with your visit to our site, covering the whole process to the delivery of your orders.


When entering your credit card information and membership information from your web browser, in the lower right corner you will see a “closed lock” icon here the information you enter 128 bit SSL* certificate and coded according to only our web server that has been blocked by third parties that are not resolved and appear as soon as it reaches symbolizes.


Within the scope of this certificate, 128-bit data by encoding the transfer is being made, but when it reaches the correct address, the data are resolved. In this way, out of the hands of unauthorized persons for any reason during the data transfer process, even when there is made to analyze these data with a 128-bit encoding thanks to it would be almost impossible since the security of our customer's information is provided at the highest level.


After obtaining your consent is also sent to the Bank for your credit card information is not stored on our servers in any way. In this way, going to make a purchase with a credit card on our site for our customers there is not any risk about the security of card information.


Use a credit card or credit card on the web customers who are not still sure about how to use the “bank transfer” can benefit from the option to make payment.


What is an SSL certificate?


SSL is used for communication security on web security that provides confidentiality and integrity of Data Transfer Protocol. Widely supported by Web sites and browsers and SSL encryption of messages between the customer and the store allows it to be decoded only at the correct address. Developed by Netscape communications Corporation, SSL in client technology (information field) and the server (sending information) to the computer is used as a verification mechanism.


Questions and topics you want to receive information info@kayserjewellery.com you can pass the address.





The terms and provisions of the contract


Kayra Jewellery welcome to our web page! Kayra Jewellery to you with the following terms and conditions of service. Entering this website, or see the following to use in a written and signed legal agreement, the terms and provisions of electronic contracts which is the equivalent of you understand and you agree to be bound by this Agreement. Kayra Jewellery with the conditions of this Agreement at any time and reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. Possible changes to the agreement unilaterally shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by users.




Unless otherwise indicated, contained in this site, text, graphics, images, logos, etc are protected by copyright laws and all content is owned by kayra items such as jewellery. Kayra Jewellery of the site's content selection, preparation, organization and design the site has copyrights. Unless otherwise specifically stated what you do with Kayra Jewellery solely or in part does not grant any rights. Kayra law, intellectual and industrial property rights within the framework of the Jewellery remains active. Of this site ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Trademark Rights


Kayra Jewellery and other related names, logos, graphics and signs are registered trademarks of Kayra Jewellery. Kayra goods and services in connection with jewellery that are not related to the aforementioned brands, or to remind each other in the eyes of consumers cannot be used in a humiliating manner. Kayra own jewellery items on the site belong to their owners rights to content that does not belong.




This Agreement, on the condition that you accept the terms and conditions offered; you a personal, revocable, nonexclusive, nontransferable right to use gives. This site, personal and non-commercial use for your purposes, home use and for one time only and for the purpose of personal, non-commercial purposes and in the content of the site for the copyrights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights, specifying phrases that will remove the condition, you can save to your computer. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the content of this Site may not modify, copy, distribute, publish, transmit, replication, printing, license, buy, sell, redirect, link if you put it in, unless the license holder has written permission of is prohibited. Jewellery never Kayra illegal and/or you can't use except for the purposes specified in the contract, otherwise entitled to a license that allows you to use the site you will be taken back unilaterally by kayra jewellery. Kayra jewellery you unilaterally terminate your access to this website or the content at any time and without notice, reserves the right to terminate.




Kayra all the effort they have jewellery for the accuracy of the content of this site, although it has been on the site from time to time, some inaccuracies, typographical errors or outdated information indicates that there may be. In addition Kayra Jewellery , reserves the right to make changes or corrections at any time, for reasons on the site. Kayra Jewellery on the site is not responsible for pricing errors and spelling mistakes. Kayra Jewellery , reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders; the introduction of a faulty product or incorrect pricing as a result of these orders, Kayra kayra thought or jewellery or jewellery that does not conform to the contract affiliated enterprises includes orders that thinks it can do harm. Also, Kayra amount of product to be sold Jewellery or from the site reserves the right to limit the order quantity that will be given.


On this site, all information, products and services, and is presented as IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, except as provided under consumer services.


Kayra Jewellery or arising from the use of this site is not responsible for any consequential or incidental damages in connection with the use.



You will be met by us you send to our site any comments welcomed. Please note that you are entitled to your interpretation kayra jewellery.




The use of this site contrary to the terms and provisions of this Agreement or use of the website elmasdunyasi.com deemed to have agreed to pay compensation in case of damage we will advise you.


Current Law


Kayra Jewellery operates through its offices in Turkey. The laws of the Republic of Turkey shall apply and any Entente when it comes to City Court authority.




Kayra Jewellery to you the best quality service, the cheapest prices and the most convenient shopping has adopted it as a duty to present the benefits. To all our customers without making any distinction in top quality sales and after-sales service that we provide to offer “reliability” we continue to show our best to be worthy of rank. International standards we will strive to deliver services to our users.




You must be a member in order to benefit from this site. Any information members will be protected by great secrecy.


Issuance Of Orders


Of users who are a member of our site you must order by selecting the products in the catalog. The answer about the terms of the order will be fulfilled will be sent to you via email or fax. All orders can be rejected or to meet, or partially met, ensure that the jewellery belongs to the related circumstance kayra.


Delivery Time


Kayra us shipping status of your order you can learn by communicating through Jewellery. Our stock due to an impossibility, if your order can be delivered to you within 24 hours via e-mail will be contacted and you will be informed about the duration of the delay.


Our Understanding Of Quality


Kayra Jewellery and most comprehensive product range in order to deliver you the highest quality products as negotiated with many manufacturers is working. All of our vendors, and you are from the industry's leading manufacturers are striving to provide the highest quality products. I work with companies that do not meet our quality standards, we note that as a service to ourselves not to adopt. Our understanding of service and quality inherently second-hand sales, we do not.


Quick Contact


Corresponding to the demands and complaints of our customers find our employees you send us e-mails on the same day, at the latest within 24 hours they will respond.



Şadan Kaynar


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Payment method we only advance. Payment from the Bank. You need to pay money order or cash. Subsequently we do exchange the product if you want.

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